8 Simple Ways to Engage with Consumers

Our clients and networking circles have heard me say time and again, that content for the sake of content, is bad content. It is essential that businesses provide consumers with the content they WANT. What does this mean? How do you accomplish this? Let's start by learning how your potential customer's are actually engaging with online content.

According to a study done by AOL, consumer's motivation to engage with online content can be divided into 8 key "Content Moments". This study analyzed 55,000 content engagements in 8 global markets. Source Article: What Motivates Consumers to Engage with Online Content.

Content "Moments"*:

#1 Inspire: consumers are looking for fresh ideas or to try something new

#2 Feel good: they want to feel good/improve their mood or be relaxed

#3 Update Socially: stay in the "know" socially or take a mental break

#4 Entertain: want to escape or a mental break

#5 Find: seeking answers or advice

#6 Be In the know: stay updated or find relevant ideas

#7 Connect: eager to learn something new or connect a community/group

#8 Comfort: seeking support or insight

*Description of the ways by which people around the world engage with content. Comprised of 4 elements before, during, and after engagement: the motivations for initiating the content engagement, the emotions felt during the experience, the outcome of the content, and the topic of the content.

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